Climbing in a Time of Coronavirus, vol. 2

DIY hangboard trainers
David Sampson’s sweet new DIY backyard training setup comes complete with mat warmer. Hi Faith!

Welcome back to the virtual AMC party (a.k.a. The Climber’s Coronavirus Support Group)!

We hope you aren’t too sore from the workout suggestions we posted last time. You did realize that you could pick and choose, right? You know didn’t need to try them all on the same day? Right. You knew that.

Well, you also probably know that we’re going to have to wait another year for climbing to make its debut at the Olympics.

But you can still watch (and learn from) the most famous Olympic-qualified climber. Adam Ondra is staying off the rock right now, but is still adding great tips to his YouTube channel every Monday, including last week’s excellent discussion of why falling is good for your climbing.

If you want to get serious about improving your own climbing, try this climbing fitness test from How to Climb 5.13 to assess your strengths and weaknesses. You only need a hangboard and can enter your results online if you want to compare them to other people around the world—or you can just track them yourself as you keep working on getting stronger.

As for how to train more effectively, Training for Climbing has lots of ideas in this podcast.

And Chicks Climbing discusses how to put together a custom strength training program.

Speaking of which, if a training program calls for a “Turkish Get Up,” Strong First shows you the basics, or Neghar Fonooni of Performance Training Institute has the full breakdown.

If you’ve always struggled to do pull-ups, here’s an apparently fail-proof plan to fix that problem. #lockdowngoals

And if push-ups are your nemesis, here’s your guide.

Of course, you’re going to have to fuel those workouts with some food. Now, we could give you some super-healthy nutritionally-balanced recipes here. But why would we do that, when there’s the possibility of making brownies IN A MUG! This microwave version uses staples already in your pantry—and can even be vegan.

Or, for something even simpler, here’s a definitive guide to the best instant ramen options.

Then again, if you’re worried about how many killer core workouts you’d need to make up for eating nothing but brownies and ramen, how about skipping the snacks and spending some time doing those gear inspections you know you ought to be doing anyway? C’mon. It’ll be fun!

Petzl shows you how to evaluate your harness and your helmet.

Meanwhile, Metolius has great tips on inspecting and maintaining cams.

This is also an excellent time to dig out the sewing kit and repair any clothing or packs that might have seen a little too much bushwhacking or one too many sandstone chimneys.

While you’re in the maintenance mood, why not wash your sleeping bag? Or give your tent some TLC (Tent Loving Care)?

Or you could REALLY use your time well—and make Bill Fallon exceptionally happy—by practicing your rope coiling technique.

For those students from our recently-attempted Basics of Outdoor Rock Climbing class who have succumbed to the climbing (not coronavirus!) bug, here are some suggestions on how to pick your first pair of climbing shoes.

Incidentally, have you ever wondered how all that outdoor gear gets tested? Check out this video to see if a career change might be in order.

If you just can’t resist playing with your toys, you could follow this guy’s example and aim for a VERY local adventure, although we would not recommend mixing crampons and drywall.

Or maybe you’ve decided just to curl up on the couch with a book (a very, very good idea, indeed). Here are some excellent suggestions.

On the other hand, if you need an outdoor fix, this site lets you tour 32 National Parks—virtually.

We’re also excited to see the various ways that AMC members are coping with the Great Coronavirus Coop-up. Here are a few of your solutions.

As seen above, David Sampson build a very artistic combo hangboard/pullup/suspension training system in his backyard.

Chris Adams and Tina Leaman have also embraced backyard suspension training. As has Athena. (We’re sensing a theme.)

Aaron “Can’t Sit Still” Vix is building climbing cracks in his garage. Because of course.

And up in Colorado, John Sasso figured out how to combine social distancing with rock time with a little roped solo climbing.

What about you? Have you taken up the push-up challenge? Committed to increasing your pull-up count? Whether you’re adding more training, learning a new skill, or savoring some downtime, we hope that you’ve been able to take good care of yourselves. We’re looking forward to future outdoor explorations, but in the meantime, let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below…

Isolate on!
Ann and Andrea

Author: Andrea Galyean

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