AMC Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Class

A Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue Class will be held at Snow Bowl on of the weekend of May 5th and 6th. We will practice a wide variety of techniques that are used for Glacier or Snow travel.

Details will be communicated by email to participants. Make sure your MeetUp email notification preferences are set to receive emails. No further MeetUp site updates are promised.

Due to the constraints of offering the class, the size will be limited to 10 student participants. We are putting everyone onto the waiting list so that we can qualify that they understand the nature of the class and the equipment required. We will screen participation based on a number of criteria under the sole discretion of the instructor. Do not sign up to simply hold a spot. “No shows” will be screened out of future activities.
Please answer the questions asked on the dropdown screen below for this MeetUp event. Your responses will be required prior to moving you from the Wait List to the Going status. To do this you must be sure to hit all the appropriate buttons at the end of the dialog boxes to record your answers.

We are requiring that you have the equipment that will be necessary for you to participate fully in the exercises. No exceptions. This will include your wearing full Mountaineering boots (as defined by the manufacturer – not hiking or trekking boots), full crampons that fit the boots, and ice axes. A full equipment list will be sent to participants via MeetUp email notifications.

$50 Class fees will be collected at the event.


Climbing is a personal choice and requires personal responsibility. Climbing and associated activities are dangerous and can result in injury and/or death. Climbing exposes you to risks. Risks are not eliminated by training, or skill. By your participation in any AMC activity or event, you accept and assume any and all risks, including those created by negligence, connected to such activity or event.


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