Mera Peak: An Introduction to the ‘Roof of the World’

The Himalaya extends 1,500 miles from Bhutan to Pakistan and contain the tallest mountains in the world. The small country of Nepal falls almost entirely within the great range, and holds more than half of the fourteen 8,000 meter (26,246’) peaks and some of the most extreme expedition climbing anywhere. For those not lucky enough to have months of expendable time to climb a single summit, Nepal has 28 ‘trekking peaks,’ a collection of summits between 5800 – 6500 meters (19,028’- 21325’), most of which still require technical glacier skills. This talk will discuss the Nepal region, trip logistics and personal experience of climbing Mera Peak, one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal with views of 5 of the 6 highest mountains in the world including Mount Everest.

Christopher Czaplicki is a local Phoenix climber and avid mountaineer, climbing and peakbagging across the desert southwest and California for ten years. He maintains the website ‘The Mountains Are Calling’ ( with regularly updated trip reports of climbs across Arizona, California and beyond.


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