Heidi Wirtz Clinic : Yoga to Climbing – How the Two Go Hand in Hand

Heidi Wirtz Clinic : Yoga to Climbing – How the Two Go Hand in Hand
• CLINIC: Yoga for Climbers is taught by pro rock climber and yoga teacher, Heidi Wirtz. Heidi knows what issues climbers face, how to address them through yoga, and poses you can do to improve your flexibility, strength, and overall climbing ability.
We will be covering proper shoulder alignment, breathing for success, warm ups for climbing, how to derive movement from the core and climbing stretches for recovery and rehab. This will be a shoulder and upper body, hip and leg workout. Both dynamic and static stretching will be covered. DATE: Sunday April 22, 2018 (2:00 to 4:00 pm)
• LOCATION: Black Rock Bouldering Gym, 10436 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85028
• REGISTER: You will be put on the waitlist until your membership is verified. Paid membership in the AMC is required to attend this clinic. Please send your full name, email and phone number to verify membership to Deborah Roether at deborahlroether@gmail.com. I will confirm your enrollment in the clinic by email. It will be first come, first served for people who contact me with their contact information.
• COST: $30 per AMC Member – Limited to 10 AMC Participants – I will provide information on how to pay to participants who confirmed enrollment in the clinic.
• Bring a yoga mat, helmet, comfy clothes and an open mind.


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