Massive, Magical, Magnificent! Aaron Vix and Climbing in the Pacific Northwest

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They’re massive. Magical. Magnificent. AMC member, Aaron Vix, shares his experiences as he crosses a couple of Northwest mountains off his bucket list. 
Mt. Shuskan- Vix will testify as to why Shuskan is regarded as the most photographed peak in Washington with a highly complex route involving a thousand feet of 4th/5th class scrambling, moderate snow climbing, glacier travel and an amazing summit pyramid of hundreds of 4th/5th class climbing.  Fred Becky waxes on; “This peak epitomizes the jagged alpine peak like no other massif in the North Cascades…it has no equal in the range when one considers the structural beauty of its four major faces and five ridges… There is no other sample in the American West of a peak with great icefall glaciers derived from a high plateau, and in the Pacific Northwest it is the only non-volcanic peak whose summits exceed timberline by more than 3,000’…Shuskan is one of the finest mountaineering objectives in the North Cascades and its reputation is certainly deserved.”   

Mount Olympus -Grecian Formula-: An air of mystery pervades the peak Olympus – so remote few people every see it with their own eyes, hard to approach, the highest point in Olympic National Park supports a half-dozen glaciers, despite its relatively modest elevation. Mount Olympus is probably on the tick list of every climber in the northwest, but it is rarely ascended because of the long approach-a two-day, 18-mile trek. It’s not for everyone, but just hanging in the vicinity of this “home where dwell the gods,” is impressive and restorative according to early British explorer John Meares.  


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