For class details click AMC Basic Outdoor Rock Climbing School Spring 2018. (Fall 2018 coming soon)

To help spread the word, check out the color flyer AMC Basic School Poster – Spring 2018. (Fall 2018 coming soon).  Please feel free to share this link or print and tack on the wall or Bulletin board, just like the old days.

Instructors click here for the Instructor Syllabus – Spring 2018. (Fall 2018 coming soon).  Also, see Belay & Rappel Practice Instructions for teaching belaying & rappelling on Thursday evening.

Students click here for the Student Syllabus – Spring 2018. (Fall 2018 coming soon).

The complete AMC Basic Outdoor Rock Climbing Manual is provided below.  Important – Please note the Addendum that provides important instructional updates to the current published version of the manual.