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AMC March Member Meeting

35 Years of Climbing in Arizona

Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 7 p.m.

Details - In-Person North Mountain Visitor's Center

There are few sports that pit man against nature as well as climbing. Capturing and immortalizing a moment is what a photographer tries to do. A good photo must inspire the viewer while staying true to the moment, the climber, the line, the light and many other factors. Come join us as Peter Noebels, professional adventure photographer, takes us on a 35-year journey of climbing adventures starting in 1973.

In 1971 as a sophomore at Camelback High School Noebels was introduced to the basic of all climbing skills, rappelling. From that first day, he was hooked and began to read and learn everything he could about the sport of climbing.  In 1973, he was introduced to B/W photography at Camelback High and thus began his lifelong interest in photography.  From those early years, he would document his climbing adventures through photography from Peru, France, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and throughout the United States,

This presentation focuses on a 35-year period of Arizona climbing adventures starting in 1973. Noebels early work was mostly B/W focusing on the Phoenix climbing scene and grew into capturing professional images throughout Arizona from the Grand Canyon to Organ Pipe National Monument.

Yes! We'll be meeting in person in Classroom #1, at North Mountain Visitor's Center, , 12950 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85022. Please come and join us, we can't wait to see you!!

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AMC Schools

Registration is Open for all Spring 2023 Schools!

The Arizona Mountaineering Club has been teaching outdoor rock climbing for over 50 years. As an all-volunteer organization, AMC is able to offer the most comprehensive training at a very low cost to AMC members.  For complete course details and the upcoming schedule, please see our Schools page at

Basic Outdoor Rock Climbing - This rock school is for new climbers or anyone who learned from friends, but wants to fill in knowledge gaps and learn the current Best Practices in rock climbing and self-rescue basics over the course of 4 evenings and 3 all-day weekend sessions.

Anchors - This course is the next step for AMC Outdoor Rock Climbing grads. We will teach you how to safely and efficiently build trad and sport anchors for all aspects of climbing.  Combined with the skills learned in the Outdoor Rock Climbing School, you will have the complete skill set required for safe top-rope climbing.

Lead - Is it time to move to the sharp end of the rope?  This is an advanced climbing class.  All aspects of lead climbing will be addressed with a strong emphasis on multi-pitch trad climbing.  Topics include gear (ropes and pro), the dynamics of lead falls, solid gear placement, rope management, anchors, and the mental as well as physical aspects of sport and trad leading. This class is for every competent climber. Even if you do not plan on leading, you will learn and understand the dynamics of lead climbing, and it will make you a more knowledgeable and capable climber and second.

Basic Canyoneering - A recent addition to the AMC training curriculum, this course is intended for those who have never been canyoneering along with those wanting to refresh their understanding of the many core concepts. The basics are a critical starting point for every responsible individual entering the canyons.

Mountaineering - The AMC provides an excellent opportunity to network with fellow members with significant alpine skills and experience.  In addition to the opportunity to share and learn with fellow members, the AMC continues to develop partnerships with noted guide services for top-notch professional training and skills development.

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