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AMC May Member Meeting

Cameron Norsworthy Presents

Climbing in the Flow!

Wednesday, May 10 , 2023, 7 p.m.

Details - This is a Zoom meeting!

This member meeting is a little earlier in the month to accommodate schedules!
Known to his coaching clients as the 'The Flow Coach', Cameron Norsworthy is a keynote speaker, scientist, founder of the Flow Centre, and performance advisor.
Norsworthy's journey started as a British tennis player, in which he benefited greatly from psychological support and guidance participating in over 3 World Championships. Rising from the lows of an unfortunate injury that thwarted his budding tennis career, he became a mindset and mental skills coach and studied sports and performance psychology throughout my BSc, MSc, and PhD and was awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance.
Practically, he has coached numerous World Champions, leaders, entrepreneurs, and active professionals. He now work with athletes and professionals to help them find their flow for when it matters most and train coaches to become performance coaches. His organization, the Flow Centre, runs the biennial global Flow Conference, bringing together many of the leading specialists in flow and peak performance. Their mission as a centre of flow is to bridge science and practice, and provide high quality, accessible training that is based in substantial research.
Personally, Norsworthy still finds his own flow on the mountain and in the ocean whenever he can.
Presentation Overview
"In flow, we embody a level of internal harmony and optimal level of functioning that propels us beyond our ordinary experiences. We discover our abilities, accelerate our learning, and our lives become richer, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. Put simply, flow allows us to feel our best and perform our best.
Many climbers, knowingly or not, come back to the rock again and again to seek out flow; to lose themselves in the moment and let their normal concerns and lives disappear. In this talk we will discuss how flow fits into our motivations, how flow fits into both performance and life satisfaction, and how we can use flow to make the difference between success and failure."
Norsworthy will outline the latest science and practice on flow and leave a healthy amount of time to answer questions and stir debate.

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