Governing Documents

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Articles of Incorporation  .pdf  .doc
Bylaws  .pdf  .doc
Policy  .pdf  .doc
Procedures  .pdf  .doc

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental Form  .doc / .pdf

Training and Schools

Evacuation Guidelines .doc / .pdf


Membership Application Form .doc / .pdf

Release Form .doc / .pdf


Mountaineering Outing Proposal Guidelines .doc / .pdf


Activity Release Form .doc / .pdf, Incident Report Form .doc / .pdf

Emergency Contact Listing .doc / .pdf, Outing Leader Guidance .doc / .pdf

MP and Back-Country Leader Guidelines .doc / .pdf, Outing Leader Quick Guide Checklist .doc / .pdf

Multi-Pitch and Back-Country Outing Plan .doc / .pdf, Outing Plan .doc / .pdf


Product / Service Categories


Apprenticeship Outing Report .doc / .pdf, Multi-Pitch Outing Leader Application .doc / .pdf

Multi-Pitch Outing Leader Application Review .doc / .pdf, Top Rope Outing Leader Application .doc / .pdf

Top Rope Outing Leader Application Review .doc / .pdf, Climbing Resume Template .doc / .pdf


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Basic Anchors Lead
1. Intro to the Vertical World 11. Intro to Anchor Systems 21. Introduction to Leading
2. Access and Ethics of Climbing 12. Anchor Points 22. The Lead Fall
3. Knots Hitches and Coils 13. Anchor Techniques 23. Protection
4. Equipment 14. The Physics of Anchors 24. The Process of Leading
5. Climbing Calls 15. Anchor Systems 25. Multi-Pitch Techniques
6. Belaying 26. The Descent
7. Rappelling
8. Self-Rescue
9. Climbing Technique