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The Arizona Mountaineering Club has been teaching mountaineering and outdoor rock climbing for over 54 years. We emphasize safety first and foremost using current best practices, the practical knowledge of knots and basic equipment, communication and the climbing process, and self-rescue techniques.  With this solid foundation, we provide an environment where you can learn and advance your climbing skills.

Our classes rely on the experience and leadership of those listed below.  The students and instruction assistants are supported  by experienced club members in working through the many practical exercises throughout the various courses.

Eric_Evans_by Jeff Watkins

Eric Evans

Anchors Instructor

Basic School Registration

Bill_Fallon_by JVF_4938

Bill Fallon

Schools Chair

Director At Large


Erik Filsinger

Ice & Snow Instructor

Mountaineering Chair

Land Advocacy Chair


Tom Seeley

Canyoneering School Instructor

Mulitpitch Outing Leader

Outing Leader Chair

Classification Chair


Scott Kuchman

Anchors & Lead Schools Registration

Scott Nagy by Benito M w

Scott Nagy

Basic Outdoor Rock Climbing (BORC) School Instructor

Outing Leader

DA Sampson

David A Sampson

Lead School Instructor

Director President Emeritus

Outing Leader

Jerry Smit

Jerry Smit

BORC School Shoe Rental

AMC Secretary



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